Cat Furniture - The Chomper

Chomper Jr pictured with sisal rope


Cat Furniture - The Chomper (JR) 

An ideal model for climbers! A huge scratching area with a cozy condo. After so much entertainment a cat needs a place to rest - the Chomper has that too!

  • Height 6 Feet - Chomper $117.25  #CHOMP
  • Height  5 Feet  - Chomper JR $112.00  #CHOMPJR.
  • Shelf Sizes: Top 20"x12", Other shelves 18"x12"
  • Condo 20"x20"x12"


  • Rope Option $16
  • Curved Top Shelf $10

Some Assembly Required

Qty   Color Check for Rope      Check for Curved Top Shelf

Chomper Chomper Jr

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